at Xavier High School

1600 W. Prospect Ave., Appleton, WI


--> Use the grade a student will be ENTERING THIS FALL when determining which session to attend for the camps at Xavier.


2018 ----- CAMP INFO ---- posted:


2018 - BOYS BASKETBALL -- pdf    


2018 - GIRLS BASKETBALL - GRADES 3-4 -- pdf    


2018 - GIRLS BASKETBALL - GRADES 5-8 -- pdf


2018 - GIRLS VOLLEYBALL -- pdf


2018 - FOOTBALL - YOUTH CAMP -- Word file


2018 - SOCCER - BOYS & GIRLS -- Word file


2018 --- SUMMER STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - pdf ......

   --- for BOYS or GIRLS - going into Grade 5 thru 12 --or--  more info






This page lists camp fliers or info provided to regarding camps to be hosted by Xavier coaches.  Other camp fliers may be added above.


Questions, which are not answered by the info explained on each flier about any camp, should be directed to the individual listed within each respective camp flier.


You can ALSO find dates & times of CAMPS at Xavier via the link above, in the black header, to the online Schedules-Calendar.  Once you open the entire calendar, then choose the camp(s) you want under the VIEW SCHEDULES tab.


Also, you can always find this page on the web site via the SPORTS-LINKS page, or, when it appears via the TRENDING page.









updated  5-1-2018