In 2020, there will be two rounds of a WIAA Culminating Event instead of the traditional WIAA Playoff format, due to the change in season dates resulting from Covid-19.


More info will be announced during the fall of 2020.


Teams participating in the 2020 post-season will be seeded on Saturday Nov. 7 by a new, WIAA computer program.


2020 Playoff Qualifying Field - link coming

Level 1 - Pairings - link coming


Level 1 - Friday or Saturday Nov. 13 or 14 at sites TBA
Game 1 - #1 vs. #8
Game 2 - #4 vs. #5
Game 3 - #3 vs. #6 
Game 4 - #2 vs. #7


Level 2 - Thursday or Friday Nov. 19 or 20 at sites TBA
Game 5: Winner of Game 1 (#1 vs. #8) vs Winner of Game 2 (#4 vs. #5)
Game 6: Winner of Game 3 (#3 vs. #6) vs Winner of Game 4 (#2 vs. #7)


Level 3, Level 4, and State --- N/A for 2020



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