Two options:  1) online store,  or,  2) at Xavier High School.

Anyone...  students, parents, grandparents, family, friends...  may order using the online store to obtain Xavier Football apparel.  There typically are many different items to choose from via the online store, including men's, women's and youth.  Info regarding an online Football store, if such an option is available, will be provided by the Football program. 


Info regarding Xavier Football apparel typically is available on the Facebook page found via the link  near the top of this page, on this web site.


Remember to adhere to any deadline regarding any online store.

Also, various apparel with the Xavier name and-or Xavier logo, plus merchandise, will be available from the Xavier Booster Club...  at its Hawks Nest store, which is located inside Xavier High School and open during school hours throughout the school year.  Contact the volunteers at the MAIN Office at Xavier High School.

And, items *may* also be available if a tent is located near the concession stand at some home varsity football games...  or...  items *may* be available at the Hawks Nest school store, located in the Torchy Clark Gym lobby, during select home volleyball games and-or home basketball games at Xavier.  GO HAWKS!!




You can always find this page on XavierHawksSports.com via one of two places on this web site: 1) on the FOOTBALL page, or, 2) if it appears on the TRENDING page, using the link at the top of most pages of this web site.