2021 = packs may depend on media coverage, as the editor retired in Aug. 2021.   

These items are most helpful regarding Xavier Football.   If you are not familiar with these packs, see the Important Notes below on this web page.  You can always  find a link to this INFO PACKS page on the MEDIA CENTER page or on the FOOTBALL page, both in the black header above, on this web site.


NEW :::::  Print the pack, if you want a hard copy.  Unlike past years when the Info Packs stayed on the web site all season and beyond, previous material will be deleted from this site a few weeks after the newest pack is posted.  Each pack is a pdf.


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Allow time to open ALL 30 pages of the pack for game 9.

Included are numerous pages regarding Xavier in the WIAA Playoffs!


2020 - 11-13 -- GAME 8 - MEDIA INFO PACK vs KLC -- LEVEL 1

Allow time to open ALL 37 pages of the pack for game 8.

Included are numerous pages regarding Xavier in the Playoffs!



Allow PLENTY OF TIME to download each Info Pack, as some have 20- or 25-pages, some even more. Each is a pdf. Traditionally, the Info Pack for the next game is posted by sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday of Game Week... based on media coverage.


The pack has the Xavier roster and pronounciation guide, assorted details about the two teams, the conference, key stats, history-series info, tid bits, year-by-year recap, and, well, you get the idea. While originally designed to accommodate the media's need for info, the packs are well-received by Booster Club members, parents, players, coaches, alumni, etc.

In recent years, the packs were printed in a hard copy and distributed; these packs will now only be available on-line... in a PDF file. To view these packs, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. If you do NOT have it, you can easily download it, free of charge, from the Adobe web site. They offer it free to anyone, because people like us pay big bucks for their program to "create" files using Adobe... which we use because it's so easy for you to then read and/or print the file.


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