ROSTERS 2018-19     

Xavier High School  --  Appleton, Wisconsin  

The LATEST roster info will always be here for 2018-19  

Please "refresh or reload the page" for current info!  



     REGULAR SEASON ROSTER -- Excel - roster B3  ...   updated 9-25-18

     PRONOUNCE GUIDE -- Excel - version B - matches roster B3  ...  updated 8-27-18

     STARTERS -- Excel - list 1  ...  coming  (udated, if any changes)

     WIAA PLAYOFF ROSTER  ...  same as regular season

     PRONOUNCE GUIDE P1 - Excel - Playoffs  ...  2018 = same as regular season


     Regular Season Roster 2018-19 - BOYS BB -- EXCEL - roster E  ...  updated 2-5-19

     BOYS WIAA TOURNAMENT ROSTER -- EXCEL T1  ...   posted 2-27-19


     Regular Season Roster 2018-19 - GIRLS BB -- EXCEL - roster 3  ...  updated 1-6-19

     GIRLS WIAA TOURNAMENT ROSTER --- 2019 = same as regular season


NOTES:  The sports above have rosters on -- in an excel file.  Sometimes, updates are made DURING the season, so check the revised date of each sport for the most current roster info.  Be sure to REFRESH this page, to see the latest version.

     Opposing school personnel:  please contact Kathy Bates, the Xavier AD via email, if the roster needed is not available via this page.  For football, be sure to share the Pronounce Guide with your PA Announcer for football at your school.

     Media:  if the roster you need is not listed on this page, contact MIKE BATES via email for possible assistance.

     Anyone:  You might possibly view rosters via several other options:
2 - the XAVIER CALENDAR link
3 - the WIAA WEB SITE...  via its SCHOOL DIRECTORY area.

For options 1 or 2, see the SCHEDULES - CALENDAR link in the black header above.


    A.  Rosters for opponents are available via EMAIL, if news media make a request via email before  a home game day, otherwise printed rosters will be available on-site at the event.
    B.  Media members, know that large type rosters are no longer printed for home games; use the excel file(s) above to create your own large type pages.

   C.  Political candidates:  Rosters / Programs are provided by Xavier for events involving Xavier.  Political candidates may NOT use the info above, or from any other source, to create your own roster or program to be handed out on-site for any athletic events involving XHS teams, for home or away games.  Please respect that Xavier will provide rosters / programs.












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