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for Xavier High School, 1600 W. Prospect Ave., Appleton, WI


What is rSchool?
rSchool is a web based calendar that Xavier High School uses for sports events and activities.

That online calendar, available via this web site, lists ALL events, and any updates or changes, for Xavier High School.  Use this web site for the quickest way to get the correct, current schedules for Xavier Athletics.  Once you are familar with the calendar, most people find it very easy to use and like its many features.


How is it used at Xavier High School?
rSchool is our primary calendar for sports teams schedules and events, and is also the activity scheduler for events taking place at Xavier HS.  Anyone using the calendar has the option of viewing ALL of  the different activities or you can view just specific schedules or events.  Also, we try to make sure that driving directions on rSchool to locations or venues are correct, but many are provided by opposing schools, not Xavier. 


How does rSchool notify when there is a change to the schedule or calendar?
rSchool uses e-mail or text messages to notify changes to the calendar. This is helpful when schedules may change because of the weather.  Signing up is easy, and anyone may sign up. For details, see the SIGN-UP BE NOTIFIED page on  this web site.


How will I have correct, current schedules or events?

Use links on this web site.  Remember, the UPCOMING EVENTS calendar found on the System web site, located at a different web site called is NOT the current, online Xavier calendar; know that ONLY some featured events regarding Xavier Athletics are listed under the heading UPCOMING EVENTS on various pages throughout that System web site, or, on the HIGH SCHOOL EVENTS link on that System web site.



Helpful pdf files:     USER GUIDE      QUICK START




You can always find this rSchool Help page via the Schedules-Calendar page only on the web site.                                       updated 7-20-2016