SERIES - Xavier Football vs. opponents

Many items below are traditionally updated AFTER each season, some during a season.

Items below were last updated 8-2019.


2019 ---- HISTORY - SERIES thru 2018 season ~~~

   1) see the link below for a Word file

   2) see the INFO PACK for each game


FOX VALLEY LUTHERAN -- thru 2018 APPLE BOWL -- see that page on this website

GREEN BAY EAST - thru 2018

GREEN BAY WEST - thru 2018

MENASHA - thru 2018

NEW LONDON - thru 2018

SEYMOUR - thru 2018

SHAWANO - thru 2018

WAUPACA - thru 2018

WEST DE PERE - thru 2018




     Note - for any WIAA Playoff game(s), see the Info Pack for that respective game... as the History-Series for those specific opponents will be included in *that* material, and will not be on this web page.


You can always find the Info Packs page via a link on the FOOTBALL page or on the MEDIA CENTER page of this web site.