Xavier High School athletic teams



You can easily find the starting date for any of the Xavier High athletic teams.  Just see the specific schedule for the sport(s) that you want...  by using the link to open the XHS Calendar, which is on an external web site called rSchool.


Use the link to SCHEDULES CALENDAR above in the black header of this web site, then pick the sport(s) you want.




You can easily find this page on by selecting the START DATES & INFO page link found on one of two places on this web site:


1) on the SCHEDULES-CALENDAR page using the link in the black header across the top of most pages of this web site, or,


2) on the TRENDING page, only if the START DATES & INFO page is "trending" or "popular" among site visitors at the time, by using the link at the top of most pages of this web site.