It is important that ALL media inform us of their broadcast plans well in advance, as noted below, because Xavier is very fortunate to traditionally have lots of media coverage.  See the info below regarding media credentials...  or...  if you need:  LOGOS - XAVIER SPORTS.


Our goal is to make it easy to find the information you need regarding Xavier Athletics.  We hope that this site is very informative, easy to use, and helpful.  If you do not find material via links on this web page, check the specific sports page on this web site.   Suggestions & comments are welcome regarding how to improve this Media Center.  Thanks in advance for your coverage of Xavier Athletics!

Media Coverage -- of Xavier Athletic events     SCAM ALERT !!!

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FOOTBALL or BOYS BASKETBALL or GIRLS BASKETBALL -- for the actual list of games to be broadcast, see the online schedule of the sport you want ...  via the SCHEDULES - CALENDAR link in the black header above...  then check out the COMMENTS section for details of broadcast info reported to us.


Media - Helpful Info --  Football at Xavier    LOGOS - XAVIER

Contact Xavier Athletic Director Luke Herriges for a page of FYI details, in a Word file, for media covering Football at Xavier... regarding credentials, parking, space in the press box, paperwork, facility opens, etc.   Also see MEDIA CREDENTIALS below.


Media / Info Packs --  for Xavier Football or Basketball
Info Packs are no longer published, due to the retirement of the editor in 2021.

Media Credentials  --  for FOOTBALL games hosted by Xavier 
Anyone working the sidelines or requesting space in the press box at Xavier should request and secure credentials via Xavier Athletic Director Luke Herriges ...  PRIOR to Game Day -- and hopefully by Monday of Game Week.  His email is listed below, at the bottom of this page.  Quite often every chair in the press box is FULL with media and coaches, and, all space on the open-air, upper level of the press box is accounted for by coaches and team video...  so plan ahead:  REQUEST space via email well in advance!


Media Credentials  --  for BASKETBALL games hosted by Xavier
Anyone working the sidelines or requesting a spot at a press table courtside at Xavier for boys basketball or girls basketball should secure credentials via the Xavier Athletic Director Luke Herriges...  PRIOR to Game Day -- and hopefully by a few days ahead of Game Day.  Find his email below.  Quite often the tables are packed  FULL with media and team personnel...  so plan ahead:  REQUEST space via email well in advance!


     email LUKE HERRIGES ... Xavier AD - effective 2021