Xavier High School athletic teams

Most of the Xavier High School athletic teams now participate in the BAY CONFERENCE, starting in the fall of 2015-16.   A major conference realignment of all schools in northeastern Wisconsin, as mandated by the WIAA, resulted in Xavier moving to the Bay.  Xavier had participated for 8 years in the Eastern Valley Conference, which started in 2007-08.


XHS is in the Wisconsin Combined Tennis Conference for tennis, in the Badgerland Conference for Boys Hockey, and, in the Eastern Shores Conference for Girls Hockey.


Conference info, standings and stats for some Xavier High sports teams may be found on external web sites, especially on the site.  Links below are updated just prior to each season.


XAVIER FOOTBALL 2018 - on WisSports

     Conference Standings & Stats - 2018 Bay --- Football

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XAVIER BOYS BASKETBALL xxx last year 2017-18 - on WisSports

     Conference Standings & Stats 2017-18 Bay - on WisSports -- Boys BB

     2016-17 Bay Conference - Boys BB 

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XAVIER GIRLS BASKETBALL 2018-19 - on WisSports

   Conference Standings & Stats - 2018-19 Bay - on WisSports -- Girls BB

   PREVIOUS - GIRLS:  2017-18 BAY  ...   2016-17 BAY  ...   2015-16 BAY

          2014-15 BAY  ...  2014-15 EVC 





The conference realignment that moved Xavier into the Bay Conference was mandated by the WIAA and dubbed plan # 3, and it began with the fall sports season at the start of the 2015-16 school year...  thus, it marked the END OF AN ERA of the Eastern Valley Conference.  It was decided in the spring of 2014 that the 'new' league would continue to be called the Bay Conference.


Go to BAY CONFERENCE INFO on this web site.